Mini Giveaway Galore!

what is a mini giveaway galore, you ask?
WELL, being my lazy self, i am far too impatient to sit down and breed more than one pokemon at a time for a giveaway. so, instead of celebrating my eight hundred follower mark (and soon to be nine hundred follower mark) with a larger giveaway, every three days (or more, depending on my time available to be having these giveaways) i’m going to put up one/two shiny pokemon in a giveaway!

today’s shiny giveaway is a lovely female litleo.
she is untouched, having accidentally hatched her not too long ago, and is pretty dang cute let me tell you.


  • you don’t have to be following me. and if you do, please make sure you look through my blog first! i am primarily a pokemon blog but i sometimes post shippy-stuff, oras spoilers, and my own personal spam. check to make sure you won’t be spamming your dashboard with something you don’t like!
  • likes + reblogs count. the more reblogs, the more entries.
  • PLEASE DO NOT SPAM YOUR FOLLOWERS. i will personally come and scream in your inbox if i see this is what you are doing.
  • no giveaway blogs. i’ll be checking.

this ends: august fifth
next giveaway: moonball gastly (shiny, of course)




Cameraupt’s Second Giveaway!!!

Well, I’m at 300 followers so I’ve decided to do another giveaway! This one is more event pokemon rather than shiny pokemon, sorry about that ^^;


You must have a copy of Pokemon X or Y

You must be comfortable giving me your 3DS Friend Code

Likes and reblogs count, but please only reblog once 

You don’t have to be following me for this one, but it would be appreciated! 

Prizes: (in order)

Shiny Frogadier (nicknameable)

Shiny Panpour (nicknameable)

Shiny Fletchinder (nicknameable)

Shiny Hawlucha 

Shiny Pichu (event)

Flying Pikachu (event)

Extreme Speed Pikachu (event)

Jirachi (non-event, caught in Hoenn region)

Gamestop Celebi (event)

Movie14 Victini (event)

Meloetta (event)


1st: Three of the above pokemon

2nd: Two of the above pokemon

3rd: Two of the above pokemon 

4th-7th: One of the above pokemon


Added Event Suicune because of how popular this was! Thanks a bunch guys!